Ammonia Removal + Hydrogen Production Technology

Our AmmEL-H2 system treats high concentration ammonia utilizing our AmmEL [Link to AmmEL page] technology, while converting the waste to valuable, high purity hydrogen; fueling global decarbonization. 

The AmmEL-H2 system operates based on electrochemical removal of aqueous ammonia, converting it into environmentally innocuous nitrogen, while simultaneously producing useful hydrogen as a byproduct.  AmmEL-H2 can treat ammonia concentrations in excess of 1000 mg/L, with a capacity to achieve very low concentrations of < 1mg/L in the treated effluent.  All of this is achieved while isolating and capturing > 99% pure hydrogen. The process also generates lucrative green chemicals, transforming water treatment plants to cash positive assets.

The world-leading nature of this technology led to an invitation to speak at COP 27 [view speech here]