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Who We Are

Our purpose is to provide superior electrochemical technologies that improve our world. We focus on detoxifying water resources and decarbonizing industry through cutting-edge technology that delivers significant business outcomes for our customers. 
We’re proud of our world-leading systems that support industry, governments and global communities, and which continuously achieve superior results in a sustainable manner.

Our Technology

Our Joint Venture with Current Water Technologies Inc. is bringing cutting-edge electrochemical water treatment solutions to market.”


Ammonia Removal + Hydrogen Production Technology

Our AmmEL-H2 system treats high concentration ammonia utilizing our AmmEL technology, while converting the waste to valuable, high purity hydrogen; fueling global decarbonization.

The AmmEL-H2 system operates based on electrochemical removal of aqueous ammonia, converting it into environmentally innocuous nitrogen, while simultaneously producing useful hydrogen as a byproduct. AmmEL-H2 can treat ammonia concentrations in excess of 1000 mg/L, with a capacity to achieve very low concentrations of <1mg/L in the treated effluent. All of this is achieved while isolating and capturing > 99% pure hydrogen. The process also generates lucrative green chemicals, transforming water treatment plants to cash positive assets.

The world-leading nature of this technology led to an invitation to speak at COP 27 [view speech here]

Generating H2 while cleaning our environment

The world generates 359 billion cubic metres of wastewater each year… only half is treated.

Untreated ammonia is toxic to aquatic life, destroying water ways and creating greenhouse gases 298x worse than CO2

AmmEL-H2 is unique, it’s a patented system which removes high concentration ammonia, while generating hydrogen to decarbonize our planet.

The solution is what we’ve called the Green HY-way.
We aim to create decentralized hydrogen production centers in close proximity to hydrogen end-users. We can then mitigate the billions of dollars required for storage and distribution infrastructure by creating hydrogen where it’s needed.
How? We can target municipal wastewater treatments plants in close vicinity. Our AmmEL-H2 process can treat wastewater at these locations, while producing hydrogen to help co-located heavy industry reach Net Zero.


The N4O Approach to Ammonia Removal

  • No Nitrate – Carcinogen
  •  No Nitrous Oxide – Greenhouse Gas
  • No Reduced Water Quality
  • No Bio-fouling
  • Only environmentally-friendly Nitrogen Gas

AmmEL Treats Ammonia Contaminated Water 
Our patented AmmEL systems represent cost effective and environmentally sound treatment processes for the removal of dissolved ammonia from industrial and municipal water including wastewater, storm water, sewage effluent and mine waste water.
At the core of the AmmEL system is its proprietary self-cleaning electrochemical reactor that converts total ammonia directly to gaseous nitrogen without producing the carcinogen nitrate and the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. Responsible management of ammonia will inhibit the proliferation of algae and improve water quality of receiving water bodies. 


Electro Static Deionization | ESD
Electro-Static Deionization (ESD) for the Removal of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Electro-static deionization is a proven electrochemical process that effectively lowers the concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) in water.

ESD is a cost effective system that utilizes the principles of capacitive deionization based on the company’s licenced technology.
Water containing arsenic, nitrate, fluoride, perchlorate, ammonia, sulfate, metals or other ionic compounds can be treated using capacitive deionization.
ESD is offered in two designs; one removes all charged dissolved solids, while the other preferentially removes monovalent ions such as nitrate and fluoride.

The Executive Team

Emma Clark

Managing Director, 20yrs experience managing multinational projects in waste management and energy across the EU, US, and Asia.  Emma is the bridge between technical understanding (BEng and BSci) and applying commercial strategies. 

Dr. Gene Shelp

Director.  Co-founder, President and CEO of Current Water Technologies.  50 years experience in developing mining and wastewater treatment technologies.  Over the last 15 years, Gene has spearheaded research & development in electrochemical water treatment technologies.

Prof. Barry Shelp

Director.  Professor Emeritus University of Guelph.  Co-founder of Current Water Technologies.  50 years experience in developing technological solutions targeting agriculture and wastewater.

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