Ammonia Removal Technology | AmmEL

The N4O Approach to Ammonia Removal

  • NoNitrate – Carcinogen
  • NoNitrous Oxide – Greenhouse Gas
  • NoReduced Water Quality
  • NoBio-fouling
  • Only environmentally-friendly Nitrogen Gas

AmmEL Treats Ammonia Contaminated Water 

Our patented AmmEL systems represent cost effective and environmentally sound treatment processes for the removal of dissolved ammonia from industrial and municipal water including wastewater, storm water, sewage effluent and mine waste water. 

At the core of the AmmEL system is its proprietary self-cleaning electrochemical reactor that converts total ammonia directly to gaseous nitrogen without producing the carcinogen nitrate and the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. Responsible management of ammonia will inhibit the proliferation of algae and improve water quality of receiving water bodies. 

In contrast to conventional biological processes, the efficacy of this electrochemically based systems is not affected negatively by low temperature enabling responsible management of ammonia in northern regions of the globe year-round. 

Some of the advantages of the AmmEL technology over conventional systems are:

  • Treats very high concentrations of ammonium characteristic of bio-solids centrate/filtrate
  • Capable of achieving very low concentrations of ammonium in the treated water (< 1 mg/L)
  • Does not produce the carcinogen nitrate
  • Unlike biological treatment, the AmmEL system does not produce the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide
  • Efficacy is independent of temperature
  • Should qualify for greenhouse credits
  • Treats water with high suspended solids and limited organic compounds
  • Relatively small footprint
  • Rapid start-up and shut-down
  • Lower capital cost than bio-systems of similar capabilities
  • Fully automated and remotely monitored, low maintenance
  • No build-up or coating of microbiological slime within columns and therefore no reduction in ammonium adsorption efficiency