Generating H2 while cleaning our environment

The world generates 359 billion cubic metres of wastewater each year… only half is treated.

Untreated ammonia is toxic to aquatic life, destroying water ways and creating greenhouse gases 298x worse than CO2.

AmmEL-H2 [Link to AmmEL-H2] is unique, it’s a patented system which removes high concentration ammonia, while generating hydrogen to decarbonize our planet. 

The solution is what we’ve called the Green HY-way. 

We aim to create decentralized hydrogen production centers in close proximity to hydrogen end-users.  We can then mitigate the billions of dollars required for storage and distribution infrastructure by creating hydrogen where it’s needed. 

How? We can target municipal wastewater treatments plants in close vicinity.  Our AmmEL-H2 process can treat wastewater at these locations, while producing hydrogen to help co-located heavy industry reach Net Zero.